Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rajawali Coffee House, Awana, Genting

For dad 55th birthday, v went to awana, genting. He's a senior citizen now!! n gosh i'm only 18. A huge gap

Luckily i changed into my knee length pants last minute. v have no idea tat v r going tat far for dinner.

In Rajawali Coffee House, u can choosed to have a la carte meals or buffet. They claimed to have "SUMPTUOUS BUFFET SPREAD", but it turned out to be .....

I head off for d salad section, it looks like they have a wide selection, actually they r repeating d dishes so tat d counter looks FULL! ish!

lots of salad dressing waiting 4 u, the mashed potato r fabulous, so r d spicy beef. others just so-so.

d main course r LAME!!! those open house buffet lunch r better than theirs. there's fried choy-sum (nt a veggie fan), celery n squid (celery makes me vomit), rendang, curry chicken, vege dhaal (kanasai betul!), fried rice n noodles which i never thought i will have some in buffet. It's also d first time i hav kim chi, i never thought it's this spicy n cold. well, not my type.

finally something tat didn't put me down, d GRILLED LAMB MEAT!!!

hear d sizzling sound~ d aroma is everywhere~~

there's mushroom gravvy for u to go wif d lamb

it's dinner but they have breads. erm..... mayb it's for d nex morning breakfast. Luckily it's fluffy n soft, u can have them wif d cream of chicken n asam soup(?!)
Cream of chicken taste like glue, i still haven figured out y asam soup is there

whoohooz~~ desserts r finally here! d specialty is banana scrumble, i say it's ok but mom disapproved it, saying it's too dry.

d beverage section lagi teruk, d orange n sarsi cordial nt sweet at all, too diluted, try 2 save up d cost, huh?? bro say d milk taste weird, perhaps it's jus him disliking d milk. anyway, who have milk for dinner. there's even teh tarik. gosh~

it's corn porridge, i thought there's porridge in it. actually it's jus sago tat resemble d porridge. i hav a small bowl of it cus i love d wood ladle, lol

eventhough d food r dissapointing, but d atmosphere n design r great.
there's live band performance n a pianist performing later on. u may have a seat at d balcony, overlooking d scenic view of awana, breathe in fresh mountain air!

it's rm40++ for adult, rm20++ for kids. since it's located halfway 2 genting, i'd say it's okay (again~) kinda pity them, there's jus 4 family having dinner tat nite, come on, it's saturday nite!

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